Operate heavy equipment for fun!

If you have ever driven past a construction site and looked at all of the heavy equipment moving around and thought, I want to take that for a spin!

Well Major Dirtbox can make that happen!

Major Dirtbox is a new business located in Yatala, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast that enables everyday people and operate construction equipment for fun!

This unique idea was founded on the back of a long established training organisation so you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands.

Under the watchful eyes of an industry professional, people can come and experience what it’s like to be in the operator’s seat of equipment like Dump trucks, Bobcats, excavators & Dozers!

Major Dirtbox has various activities and games ready for you to play such as Excavator basketball, Digging ditches and building dirt castles.

So if you want to operate heavy equipment for fun, give Major Dirtbox a call on 07 3489 7784 and choose from our one, two or three machine adventures!

Birthday AdventureIMG_9340

Matt Major Dirtbox Ex Dump Truck 3Cyril Fernandez Excavator 3

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